Frequently asked questions

What is Calltime Connect?
CallTime Connect is a new web app that connects Productions with Crew, anytime, anywhere 24/7. The online Crew profiles allow for secure searches of registered experienced Feature Film and TV Drama Crew plus the ability for Productions to access up to date availability and contact details.

Who are we?
Tamana Bleasdale and Vicki Allen are former 2nd AD’s, with over 30 years experience between them in the Film/TV Industry. They launched CallTime Company, the successful booking agency for Film and TV drama
( ) 4 years ago and CallTime Connect was created to compliment and enhance the agency.

How do I become a member of CallTime Connect?
Everyone is eligible to join above the Grade of Runner/PA/Marshal. You must have the working experience required of 3 years in the professional Film and TV drama industry, plus 3 Contract Credits from a mainstream Feature Film and/or TV Drama in the designated Role of your application. This is simply so we can make sure the skillset of the database is at the correct level required for those using it. CVs will be checked on submission of profile and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the site if the criteria is not matched.

Why should I join?
With an already successful reputation for providing the best Runners in the Industry we also have an established Database and an exceptional Client List. Due to the success of CallTime Company we are constantly asked for recommendations for higher levels of Crew, CallTime Connect will help us make those introductions easily and efficiently.

Can it guarantee me work?
No, CallTime Connect is a database application to connect Crew with Productions/HOD’s looking for Crew. There is no guarantee it will find you work as this will come down to your individual experience, availability, location and skills base.

I’m a PA can I join?
Only PAs and Trainees on the CallTime Company Agency Database will be allowed Profiles on CallTime Connect. This is to maintain our standard of entry level Training.

How much is it to join?
CallTime Connect is £9.99 per month (inc VAT) if signing up to pay monthly or £100 per year (incl VAT) if paying in full and signing up for the full year.

How long can I join for?
For as long as you are happy with the service.

How do I pay?
Via our online secure system.

How do I update my profile?
Simply log in using your username (email address) and chosen password and upload your photo, CV or availability in the profile section. Once you make payment you will be sent a verification code.

Do I have to have a Photo?
No, having a photo is up to your personal preference.

Should I have personal details on my CV?
For security we ask that all CV’s DO NOT disclose your Date of birth and Home Address. However they can have Locations you have bases in for example Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, your telephone number and email address.

Can I join if I’ve worked on Shorts Films and Commercials?
Only if your CV meets CallTime Connect standard requirement of 3 years in the industry and 3 Contract Credits in your chosen Role working on Mainstream Feature Films and TV Drama.

Can I be listed under more than 1 category?
Yes you can, however, no more than 3 categories.

Does this make me a member of CallTime Company?
No CallTime Company is a separate booking agency. Although many of it’s Members are also on CallTime Connect database.

How old do I have to be?
All entrants listed on the database must be over 18 years of age.

I’m a Crew Member, can I look for Crew on the site also?
Yes absolutely. We understand that it’s not only Production that are looking for Crew but Crew themselves. That’s why if you’re signed up as a Crew member you have dual usage to also search the site as well as have a profile yourself.

Can you join if you live outside of the UK?
Yes, as long as you are legally allowed to work in the UK and you are prepared to travel at your own cost for work. The majority of the work through the site will be based in the UK.

Are my details safe?
Absolutely, we will never pass on or sell your details to anyone. Only Productions signed up to Connect and other Members of CallTime Connect can see your details. CallTime Connect along side CallTime Company Recruitment are registered with the data protection agency.

Do I have to renew my subscription each time it ends?
No, for your convenience we will automatically renew your subscription at the end of each month/year.
If you don’t want us to auto-renew, just tell us before the renewal date:
14 days for a monthly contract
1 month for an annual contract

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at anytime and suspend your account just email [email protected] to let us know.

Can I get a refund?
For monthly subscribers there is no refund policy because you are free to cancel at anytime, with no minimum contract.
For yearly subscribers there is no refund due to signing up for one year to gain the discounted offer.

Can I look for Crew to work on my short film and/or No/low budget project
No, all Professional Crew Rates must be adhered to and anyone using the site to crew personal no/low budget projects will be removed immediately.

What to do if you are offered NO Low Budget work
If anyone is using the site to ask Members to work for free please notify CallTime Connect on [email protected] immediately and that person will be removed from the site.